At PenAPoem , we explore content writing through bespoke poems that convey your message in beautiful rhymes.

Whether you want to give your loved ones a heartfelt gift or want to promote your business in a unique and endearing way, reach out to PenAPoem and we will write a bespoke poem for your special occasion.


About Pallavi

I am a Chartered Accountant and have spent most of my years advising clients on various matters. While battling day in, day out for some goals that I sought for and some goals that were abstract, I have always found some solace in writing poems.

The beginning dates back to good old school days when I started writing simple poems to participate in competitions. In early college days I started gifting poems to my near and dear ones and then there was just no turning back. Whether it was a friend's birthday or a date night, an anniversary or any random occasion, my scribbling pad popped-out from nowhere, to be drenched into words that went on to strike some chords in many hearts.

It's unfathomable to describe the immense pleasure that I would get in seeing or hearing about the moments when those poems brought a smile to someone. It's amazing how even a simplest poem can strengthen the ties of two hearts and create memories unforgettable. While it may seem just a rhyme to someone, it means the world to another.

I started PenAPoem in an effort to pursue my dreams and to keep alive the love and inspiration for writing. If I am able to touch even a few lives, rattle a few brains and bring some smiles, I would see my dream coming true.

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I met Pallavi through a supportive , women empowerment WhatsApp group a few months ago . I found her to be a warm , friendly , and kind person during in person interactions . I wanted to give an online friend a special birthday gift to show my appreciation for her , and Pallavi helped me write a poem . She gathered important information about my friendship with my friend , asked additional questions for clarification , sent me the draft version before my friend’s birthday, and put the poem into a customized , colorful pdf format. I enjoy working with her ~ She is good at turning ideas into creative poem with soul ~
Helen Guo
I received so many gifts, but the best one was from you! The poetry was so personal and heart touching. It means alot. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift.
Nikita Prabhu
Thank you for making my first Father's day special. The poem captures our journey so beautifully. I could imagine Viaan read out to me.
Karan Mehra

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